8 threats you will encounter in the city during the BP. 
Red Square after BP. Artist mvn78 Futurology. Risks of our millennium // BRAINSTORMING BP
How to behave in a mudflow
How to act in the event of a sudden collapse of a building or residential building - emergency advice. Sudden building collapse. Actions in case of sudden building collapse Actions in case of building collapse
Actions in case of building collapse Collapse of a building, complete or partial, refers to emergency situations, in which
Topic No. 14. First aid for radiation injuries
Technological progress does not stand still. However, its rapid development often has a negative impact
How to survive in the steppe, a British traveler told
Survival in the steppe in winter of the 2nd conditional crew
A British traveler told ALMATY how to survive in the steppe. KAZINFORM – British traveler Ed Stafford
How to behave during a forest fire? Instructions from the Ministry of Emergency Situations of the Moscow Region
Causes of a forest fire: careless human handling of fire; non-compliance with safety measures during breeding
Vietnamese traps for Americans
Vietnamese traps that terrified Americans during the war. Cruel Vietnamese traps for Americans Vietnamese traps during the war
Vietnamese Traps for Americans The article was written based on the books by Alan Lloyd Peter »Back. Part
Lessons in stress tolerance
Psychological characteristics of people's behavior in emergency situations
211 Tweet Are you being torn apart again? Can't get anything done again? The complexity of the tasks is increasing
Summary of a life safety lesson, grade 6, on the topic “Making a fire, making a fire”
Rules for making a fire in the forest Almost every person has ever been hunting, fishing or
Memo: if you suddenly find yourself hostage by terrorists
August 5, 09:17 This material is also available in Ukrainian Detention of a man who threatened to blow up a building
Samburu tribe man
Stories of real Robinsons who managed to survive in the wild
Samburu The most important part of the life of this tribe is childbirth; barren women are persecuted and often subjected to