Diagram for choosing a sight for the Vepr carbine
The Vepr-308 carbine is a reliable and trouble-free weapon for the largest game
Before choosing a sight for the Vepr carbine, let's figure out what kind of carbine there is, in
DIY bow made from polypropylene pipe. How to make a bow from PVC pipe with your own hands. Making a composite bow from PVC pipes
Since ancient times, making a bow with your own hands was considered an honorable occupation, as it required considerable skill.
Stone knife
How to make a quality knife at home
How ceramic knives are made The technical process of creating blades from zirconium is as follows: obtaining
Spike knife as a means of self-defense
History of origin Models of butting knives that resemble modern ones appeared back in the 19th century. Researchers
Choosing a Crossbow
How to choose a crossbow for hunting: 8 main criteria
Which crossbow is best to buy? One of the main criteria for choosing a crossbow is the speed of the arrow.
Everyday knife with leather handle
Shapes of handles The design of each knife, from hunting to carpentry tools, is simple - blades and
Cartridge with container
What do you need to know when choosing shot and cartridges for goose hunting?
Properties of a cartridge with a container Gunsmiths have mastered the production of polyethylene containers for cartridges loaded with shot, which
SATANIC PROJECT “BLUE BEAM”. Building the kingdom of the Antichrist. (VIDEO)
What is NASA's Project Blue Beam? Project Blue Ray (Blue Ray, Blue Light) Project
IZH 27M reviews
IZH-12 - a modern gun half a century old
The most popular classic gun of the Izhevsk Mechanical Plant, enjoying great and well-deserved popularity among beginners
stun gun review
Rating of the TOP 5 best stun guns for self-defense: where to buy, reviews, prices
A little theory The power of the selected stun gun depends on the voltage and current. For this reason