Dispute tactics in litigation
Kerch shooter sympathized with Ukrainian punitive forces in Donbass
The strategy and tactics of a dispute in court are two sides of the same coin. To get your way
Porridge in bags
How to properly organize food items for a hike
How does camping food differ from regular city food? Camping food is a sort of Spartan version of urban food.
winter tree
How to make a craft composition “House in the winter forest”. Instructions, photos and tips
What other winter tree should there be? Only snowy ones! If you weren't a child
family of snowmen
How to make a house out of snow: types, secrets, finishing photos
Winter has come, and our children disappear all day long on the street. They are happy
Read the essay on life safety: “Survival in extreme situations” Page 1
Play A hike is not only a test of your strength, it is also an adventure.
tourists on a hike
Review of the best travel clothing and shoes for 2020
First of all, a few disclaimers. Firstly, this article is for those who are going to their
How to choose a tent: tourist, fishing, camping
What kind of tent fabric? Tent fabric is made from different raw materials. She can be darling
How to prepare tinder for an antique flint
How to find tinder fungi Tinder fungi usually grow on old rotten trees and stumps, but
Compass and clock
How to learn to use a compass with and without a map
By finding the constellation Ursa Major in the night sky, or by paying attention to the nature of the melting
Materials for making a candle heater
The composition of the Lebedev candle with your own hands. Paraffin as fuel. Making a long-burning camp candle
I saw the article, I’m quoting it for your general development, so to speak. so that they know themselves
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