poisonous mushrooms
Summary of the conversation in the middle group “Edible and inedible mushrooms”
First aid for poisoning with berries The very first aid for poisoning with poisonous or inedible berries
Marchard's knot (Austrian)
HOW TO TIE A Stranglehold Knot
Marchard's knot (Austrian) Marchard's knot This knot is a descendant of the Prusik knot we already know.
Testing of various variants of grasping units. Part 1 and Part 2
Description: Hare's ear Biennial herbaceous plant, densely planted with tiny, appressed, star-shaped grayish-green hairs. Stem
duck fishing
Duck traps on the water. Hunting a wild duck without a gun. Fishing with a snare
Highlights Duck hunting is a very interesting activity. To get the effect, you need to stock up
Leaf tea: which plants can and should be brewed
Our forests abound with plants from which you can prepare such a beloved drink as tea.
Survival Kit or NAZ in ALTOIDS Jelly Bean Boxes for your EDC
NAZ is a portable emergency supply, something that is carried with you constantly or for a large amount
Plant scented resins
Wood resin application. Wood resin. Extraction and use of tree resin
Fragrant plant resins are substances of natural origin, organic polymer compounds with a characteristic odor, good
Fish dehydrators
How to dry fish: everything about the process from “A” to “Z” or learn how to properly dry fish at home
Stages of drying Drying fish at home began a long time ago. The process removes moisture,
How to tie two ends of a fishing line together
For successful fishing you need to have a lot of special knowledge and skills, including
How to get salt in survival conditions.
Ancient methods of salt extraction Previously, people extracted salt from the ash formed after burning some